The "local play" mode gave me ideas as to extra modes that can be added, to give folks that "singleplayer fill" they may be lacking from the "on hold until further notice" of the campaign.

So it came to mind having types of challenges style modes, with varied gameplay, that would also allow for further utilization of the game's mechanics.

The first mode that came to mind was a type of "rambo" mode, or rather "Hotline" mode (as it's easier to explain it via using Hotline Miami as an example):

Hotline mode challenge

  • You start without a weapon (only have melee)

  • Bots have weapons, but only one mag's worth of ammo, you can kill them and pick up their weapon to use it against the other bot, so the more they use their weapon before you kill them, the less ammo it will have when you get it.

  • IED-bots also in the mode, so if you're out of ammo, you're gonna have to be clever to kill them with melee

  • Cleared in stages, like Push, to get a sort of "checkpoint" or respawn area

  • Most bots will be placed in more or less stationary locations until they spot you or hear you within a certain range, some will patrol, and as you get through the stages, it may ramp up in terms of weapons they use, or how many are "special" bots (like IED-bots)

Adrenaline mode challenge

  • Gotta keep killing, can't stop killing, need to kill kill kill!

  • Think the movie "Crank" as a general concept to explain what it is

  • You have a certain amount of time before you need to get a kill or you die/lose, or maybe it uses a bar you fill up (like that commander/observer bar) and the more you kill the faster it fills up, if it reaches 0 you're dead.

Training-mode style challenges

  • Modes that are relevant to learning the classes and learning to play

  • Long distance shooting

  • Vehicle utilization, driving, using the gun in the back, shooting out of vehicles, shooting as the driver, etc

  • Trigger-discipline training, aka avoiding friendly fire

  • Killhouse/shoothouse training, learning to clear buildings

  • Stamina conservation training, combined with bipod/weapon-resting training

  • Anti-vehicle training (the ways to take out technicals, helicopters, drones, etc)

  • Using the environment to your advantage training, explosive barrels, burning cars, etc for hard-to-see/hit targets

These are just some that came to mind while playing Local play vs bots, fun things that could be added to it to give it a more prominent role and function. Teaching how to play at the same time as being fun, and letting folks get used to maybe using weapons they've never used before etc.