LEGAL CHEAT, remove the scope of low quality from the game!

Scope of low quality gives an advantage over those who play at high settings, as seen in the screenshots when aiming through
low scope player has more space for review. If this is not fixed, then we will get the situation as in PUBG, when the players lowered the quality so that the grass was smaller, so that it would be easier in it to fester the enemy. It's horrible!
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If you want to create an epidemic of exploding toasters, sure.

Dual rendering of scopes is EXTREMELY system intensive, even on good rigs, hence why it's uncommon in most FPS games.

The difference between high and low quality scopes is dual rendering.

With HQ scopes activated, there's a much greater zoomed sight picture. More of the actual scope is visible, and your peripheral is un-zoomed, allowing attentive snipers to pick up things in their immediate surroundings. Think of your sight as a really narrow cone (your scope) laying on top of a really wide cone.

Now when we switch to LQ scopes, to prevent toasters from exploding, instead of dual rendering the image, the entire image is zoomed. You're now left with ONLY the really narrow cone of view. Additionally, more of the scope housing is visible on the inside, reducing actual real estate and crosshair for you to look at it. Because the entire image is zoomed, you also lose a lot of peripheral awareness as well.

Now it can be argued that LQ allows a good sniper to keep an eye on slightly wider area at range, yes, but you're opening yourself up for blindsiding at close range.

TLDR: Reevaluate the pictures you posted, and understand that these images aren't exactly identical. Also understand that in the game's current state, removing LQ scopes may or may not cause the spontaneous combustion of some player's computers.

When using HQ scope, the effect of a flashlight beam is created in a dark room, you see only what is in the round area of ​​your flashlight's lighting, and all that remains in the darkness you do not see. That's why LQ gives more affinity.

And yes what's wrong with that I want to create an epidemic of exploding? Let everyone use this advantage, not just a few people.

I've only used the HQ scopes, i'd swap them for the LQ ones if using 2x or more magnified scopes atm cus the picture in picture rendering is so laggy, 90+ fps down to sub 60 dipping to 54 in heavy firefights.

This isn't a cheat. You don't even need a scope to snipe people across the maps, just use iron sights and the negative points of using scopes goes away.

LQ just allows a greater audience to play the game without their computer dying as this game/engine isn't optimized. Double rendering is a heavily taxing feature.

Get off your high horse.