I had a dumb bot walk toward me (I guess reloading) and I was in single fire mode and shot, five direct body hits for him to die. I miss the Insurgency feel. Back on Source, you could calmly clear a room double tapping enemies and they went down, that was super satisfying if you did it right because it also went the other way, you rush in too fast and you're done for, I don't feel that in Sandstorm. I hope that gets changed.

Also, sidenote: the audio in the game is amazing except one small sound issue which kills me. The speed of the player's or bot's footstep sound should be slowed down. The movement in game is fine but I feel like when I'm at walking speed I, nor anyone else I know except maybe my 5 year old nephew would walk that fast. It's the only issue with sound I've found. Hope that can be fixed too but I love the game anyway.