Optimization issues

Since the release of Beta 2 I can say the perfomance is way a lot better than the first beta. I had the problem that at ultra settings the game ran literally at 1 fps, I fixed it updating my drivers.

The main problem is the constant stuttering I suffer while playing, I thought it would be bc I was running the game at ultra, but setting everything to low didn't help much. FPS freezes mainly at every shootout and when a couple of artillery strikes are called in a row.

The worse part is that after an hour of playing, the stutter and fps freeze is even more often and game turns unplayable at the point I've got to restart the game.

Another issue is that 4 times of 5 when I click on exit to desktop being in-game, the game won't respond for 1-2 minutes unless I force it to stop with task manager.

The only difference between Ultra and low with fullscreen and smooth fps option enabled is the time it takes fps to start freezing every second, bc in terms of average fps are only 20 fps (40 at ultra, 60 on low with 60fps limit).

My setup:

Windows 10
i5 6400
R9 380 4gb
8gb RAM

Drivers are updated.

since the latest update the game plays much better for me, I have fps set at 60fps and smoothing on,all on medium settings...I agree it defo needs improving more but at least its sort of playable for me now, before the latest update it was absolutely TERRIBLE!

@lolomimama said in Optimization issues:

@syks01 what are ur specs?

i3 6320
gtx 970
8gb ddr4

Sounds like a memory leak those things you say are common problems with memory leaks but your specs are not enough also the game uses a lot of ram and 8 gb of ram is not enough

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