Anti Aliasing isn't effective

Hi i have a problem with the game's anti aliasing doesn't work properly. there are a lot of aliased edges on threes, fences,grass ETC when would it get fixed? I have a few recommendation in this approach from other games iv'e played that worked pretty well i'd recommend using techniques that works well on moving objects like TAA which is supported by unreal 4 games the problem with TAA is that it blurs the textures so u need to use a sharpening technique to make it look normal (not blurry) there is another less common technique called CMAA it's effectively like SMAA just that it works well with mooving objects better than even SMAA TX2 also since u r using differd rendering and can't using MSAA i'd suggest u would implement Super Sampling AA resolution scaling slider to improve visuals further . i have high hopes for your game to succeed as a 3 years player please do something about it.

Did you have this problem before or after their hotfix? They did remove some AA options in the hotfix.