Now that the game is running smoother after the hotfix,
I've been playing more and the game is still really hard to enjoy.
Super unballanced maps, all guns feel the same- some just have more vertical climb than others.
Love the push game mode, but I've never seen an attacking team win.
Compared to the first Insurgency, which is one of my favorite games ever, this game feels super spongey- aside from 1-shot headshots, which to me makes the game weird. 7-8 shots to chest but one to the head? 😕
The return of armor but not armor-piercing bullets??
The we have the mortar strikes and gunships, a total game killer, ESPECIALLY when the defending team calls these in.
If the game balance, gunplay, and artillery strikes aren't tweaked and balance, then I'm just gonna stay on Insurgency 1. 🤷🏼♂