Statistics and credits system are broken

I played for several hours last night, and despite having a positive KD all night, minus one or two matches, my KD stayed at .36 and even managed to go down. Also all the credits I earned from leveling in just beta 2 haven't been going to my account like they did in beta 1. Im stuck at 100 credits. Im sure everything will reset again, but I thought Id mention it since it became even worse in beta 2 somehow.

Yes, I am also experiencing this issue too. Even the credits I have earned are being removed. The other night I had 500 credits and I was interested in seeing how much I could earn per game, come to know that it had been revoked to 100 when the game was over. Only 4/10 times will the credits show up in my acc now. They need to fix this pronto.

Update: I now realize that you earn 100 credits/rank up which I think is brutally slow imo.
But my credits had been revoked, that issue is still re-occuring

i too am having similar issues.
although for me, i never lost any credits, but items i spent credits on in the beta 1 appear on my character both in game and in menu, but in the buying menu it appears as though i do not have them bought, and switching out cosmetics will have me lose them and i have no other way of getting them back except for buying them again.