Spintires Editor (Rivers Overlaying)

Quite often when laying a river it seems to be overlapping even tho it cant be seen on the terrain, when testing say if a river or pond is higher than the terrain i get this water to deep warning in game .. even tho the water is not there .. does anyone have this problem i have never noticed it on the old spintires game ...

Haven't had quite that issue, only ones I have had is removing terrain that is above water or applying it, the water will slope up on that specific part creating a "water bulge" for want of better wording.

Rebuilt terrain, visible and tried?

Does this occur on flatter ground or two different heights? When you get those orange lines for your river, it is important that none of them overlap/cross, be it the same river with "add after" or a separate river.

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none of them are overlapping .... only seems to happen when water is higher i even try raise the geo and test but still the problem is there ill take some screenshots of the editor and then in game to show the problem kind of hard to explain

OK buddy, well I'm cooking dinner now I can look later.

@digital-x said in Spintires Editor (Rivers Overlaying):

OK buddy, well I'm cooking dinner now I can look later.

doubt it will be tonight mate sorry little busy as kids of school 😞

Same! in the same boat haha. No rush though hopefully you can figure something else.