Comms Menu should be adjusted

so I just played a few matches and there were people spamming the Comms menu all the time. It was extremely annoying since there is a beeping sound every time someone sais something on there. I'm a little afraid this game is going to turn out like battlefield 2 back in the day which became literally unplayabale because people kep spamming the menu and you couldn't turn it off. There needs to be an option to turn off the beeping sound or the Comms menu altogether.

Out of the 4 matches I've played, I've experienced Comms menu spammers in 3 of them. I'm not overreacting here, this really destroyed my experience altogether, with Immersion being the first thing to go. I realize this is not a major issue, it shouldn't be considered one - but it destroyed those matches for me and it's one of the little things that can be really annoying.
So, now that I'm finished with my complaint I just want to tell you guys how amazing it is that you created this game. The sound is especially amazing and the explosions look great.
Thank you.

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I agree with you on that, sometimes it's funny but other times it's really annoying. They should do a limit where we can use coms once every 5-10 seconds at least