• Quick matchmaking often makes you join late/ending games
  • Character body parts disappearing in customization editor
  • Few hitreg problems, apparently mostly with distance
  • Weapon may not show up upon spawning
  • Weapon may not make any sound upon spawning
  • Camera-WASD movements aren't synced with general binded WASD movements (mostly for AZERTY and other K/B layout users)
  • Sometimes not spawning after joining a game (forced to spectate), even though round hasn't started yet
  • Can't return into playable area if you escaped
  • Sometimes game seems to still be running even if you left (showing In-Game on Steam)


  • Women for Insurgents: Security team often gets spotted because they're the only one having women
  • Anti spawn-kill: RPGs/Grenadiers camping other team's spawn points
  • Free-look/Glimpse binded to the Alt key
  • Reworked team-balance
  • Primary weapon showing on stomach while holding any other weapon/utility
  • Several Co-Op AI difficulties


  • 08/31 patch seemed to have a solid improvement on optimization for a lot of people (still needs work)
  • Several players reporting TTK is too high
  • Several players don't feel comfortable with the weapon aim
  • Several players are asking for better Anti-Aliasing and reworked textures
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