Firefight mode is dumb

I get that people really enjoy firefight and that's fine by me, but there needs to be a filter that allows for these maps to be filtered out. the reason I say this is because in the last five games I've joined I've joined part way through the match, therefore I can't spawn unless an objective is captured. since this hasn't happened, I haven't actually been able to play for the last five matches. to rub salt in the wound, since the server system is a complete failure, I have to find a new match after the one I "played" finishes. the process then rinses and repeats until I smash my keyboard.

@gangward It's a dumb gamemode on these massive maps. When you have to run 200+ meters to the enemy side's objective, the game becomes back and forth capping. I often get up to 5 caps in a single firefight game. Skirmish is very similar too.

@slazenger I don't see the problem. That just makes it better than on small maps. It's an iconic insurgency mode. Sometimes you have to wait. Deal with it.

@ronmose that's all cool and dandy but this has nothing to do with iconic insurgency it's some rando shooter atm

@genoharadan ? The weapons are iconic, the gamemodes, the hardcore feeling, the sound, the voices, the speed of the overall gameplay, the tactics. It's definitely Insurgency. I'm more concerned about the performance and the little things like comms menu spamming. This post was about something else though.

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@ronmose said in Firefight mode is dumb:

the hardcore feeling, the sound, the speed of the overall gameplay, the tactics

๐Ÿ˜ƒ you and me are playing different game

Have you tied competitive firefight yet? You're always going to start at the beginning of a match in competitive, plus you will be matched against players of equal skill.

Are you sure that it's not because of the Spectator bug where you can't even join the game sometimes and get stuck in Spectator the whole game without any possibilites to join the game that is going on under your eyes ?
I've seen a lot of people complaining about this specific issue through the forum these days !

Love you all!

Firefight is the weakest game mode. Skirmish is my favorite by far!
I think it would very good if devs add another game mode, maybe a capture the flag or something different!

@shadoware I respectfully disagree. Skirmish is the worst game mode for INS:SS so far for me.

@ronmose I'm not trying to attack the game mode, I enjoyed it a lot in old insurgency. what I am upset about is having to wait 50 min to actually spawn into a game

We need more rounds and an odd amount of rounds so we have a winner.
At the moment itโ€™s best of 6 and if it ends with3 allots a tie... lame.
Can we make it best of 9. So first to 5 wins
(Talking about firefight casual).

@gangward you can use the match making preferences to filter out Firefight mode.

If you don't like waiting too long, I suggest playing Push mode. It is so far the most popular mode. It has multiple waves for respawn and only 1 objective is being contested at a time.