Constant disconnects and engine crashes

Sadly the game is literally unplayable for me at the moment.

After 117 minutes of "playtime" on record I had roughly 3-5 minutes of actual gameplay, split into bits of 1 minute at most. When I'm trying to connect to a server it either disconnects at around 95% loading status (apparently this happens to many others aswell) or when finally connected the engine crashes with the following crash report:0_1535797181868_UE4 crash.PNG
I've just installed the most recent version of my graphics drivers today and now it seems to crash even more often. Also the textures on medium settings look like muddy cover ups before the actual textures are loaded.
Is there anything I can improve on my side of things? I'd really love to get the full experience since this the only really anticipated game for me in years. Thanks in advance guys!

I get the feeling the hot fix did a little more damage than fix some of the issues cause at first before the hotfix I manage to get into a couple of games (tho the ping was skyrocketing over and over) but after it dropped the server disconnects and engine crash has been numerous

been MUCH better for me since latest patch, theres still glitches etc and performance could still be better but not had a crash yet?

Yes man same issues here and there is lot of optimization issue no proper memory allocation it suck my whole gpu and CPU in loading itself and crashes