Freeaim camera deadzone needs to go

Moving your mouse in Insurgency Source simultaneously moved your camera as well as your hipfire aim. Sandstorm has a deadzone, so the amount of mouse movement required to turn your camera depends on where your gun is currently pointed in relation to where you want to move your camera.

This completely destroys any hope of proper muscle memory when it comes to aiming; the mouse movement required is effectively random. The mouse movement required to move your camera is the mouse movement required to pre aim before aiming down sight, because when you aim down sight it aims onto the center of the screen.

Remove the hipfire deadzone.

This is really bad and unnecessary! I can't find a reason for it existing and it just messes our aiming. As OP said, muscle memory out of the window and you will always over/under aim.
It adds to the "draggy"/"laggy"/not snapp feeling of aiming in this game.
This is probably the most frustrating aspect of the game for me. In a run and gun game, maybe you wouldn't notice this as much, but in this game, where you have to be very precise, it really gets frustrating.

This resistance to motion when slowly moving the camera is annoying, it does add weight so it feels more realistic I guess but on Sandstorm where there is more going on having to worry about that is not ideal. Maybe if the game was slowed down in general as suggested by many this effect wouldn't be required.

YES. Do it or at least change it to the Insurgency2 way. PLEASE FFS.