The netcode/hit reg needs to get fixed

My guess is it's a combination of both, because it happens on local as well.
Or maybe when you shoot while moving the bullet spread is so wide it feels it's hit reg issue?
Happens when you are stationary as well though.

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@zefs suppression is a bitch lol

This is a clear example, the player also added the killcam from the match recap:

Maybe the enemy was wearing this :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat:

alt text

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I'd say this is the biggest issue with the game and the cause for wrongly accused TTK and OP heavy armor.

When we speak of "netcode" I recommend that everyone will watch this video, since Netcode is just a collective term for a lot of different things.

Youtube Video

@mefirst since we're no experts and don't know where the problem exactly is we call it netcode. We have 2 options - either NWI will tell us where it is and fix it or we'll wait for Battlenonsense to tell us. The way it happened with EFT.

@fattmedic Understood, why not have like 120hz servers? Imo 60hz is kinda outdated, why not just have like 1000hz servers lol. Is this even possible? If it is, why are moderns games/devs not using high tick rate servers? Is it because it's more expensive? Cpu needs more power to run it? Why is 1000hz servers not a thing?

Imo fk 60hz, if possible just make it 1000hz and call it a day lol

@lucjocwhite DayZ 0.63 servers are on 400hz. And yes it's a lot lot more expensive.

@lucjocwhite Watch the video MeFirst put in the chat, alot of your questions can be found in it. Mefirst is also correct in that there's no 1 answer for the problem, It's alot of things combined that cause it.

Sometimes i can spend a whole magazine on a still enemy and not get blood from him. and sometimes when i shoot at a wall or the ground only about half of my bullets seem to register.

UE4 strikes again! This is PUBG all over again...

Last nights patch just about eliminated TTK and heavy armor issues. I still have a miss hit reg from time to time, but wow what a difference. One popping guys with bolt action wearing heavy armor, very satisfying.

Iv'e hit bots deadon straight in the head when i was crouched with the SVD and they didn't die plenty of times. I'm sure they will fix these types of things though. Headshots with sniper rifles should kill.

agreed 100 %, the net code is shnit, like solid horse shnit. It is frustrating AF , when you are dying behind cover, or unable to kill a player,(not cuz bad) all that stuff is not doing this game any favors. Also, the ping difference is too dominant and determining which is, obviously, not a good thing at all. The 2014 Insurgency is much more stable and solid, thus much more satisfying, I wish one day this game can be on par with its predecessor .
Why da hell TDM mode has gone ?? Who thought that removing it was a good idea ?