The netcode/hit reg needs to get fixed

It's bad.. Like really bad. Like talking 15rnds of 556 to the chest and still not dying kind of bad. This shite is critical to gameplay, it needs to be fixed asap, like in the next hotfix

@lucjocwhite the TTK being increased might also has something to do with it

It's hard to say because I don't know any real facts. Would be great if we could get a official word from the devs, or if somebody would properly test out things.

All I can say is that it often feels like hits don't register properly.

By now we probably all know situation in which you shoot some guy first and he is able to kill you, while (from your own perspective) you are pretty sure you were on the target, firing and actually hitting.

I simply don't know what is causing this, since it could be a number of things. If this is not explained or fixed, then I can also not make any assumptions about the TTK.

Here is also a example I catched in my last game. While I was not the only person to shoot at the player. I am 100% certain that the headshot I made came from me.

Youtube Video

HAHAHA there is a player called Bordan P Jeterson in that video!

@MeFirst That's a very unclear example of hit registration. The UZI fires pretty slowly and you had team mates also firing at the enemy so it was hard to tell what shots you fired because there were so many rounds impacting around him. You definitely hit him in the head and that probably registered, I'm not sure if every head shot is an instant kill, but with 5.56 weapons and up I know it is. TTK in this game is wacked atm.

Regardless, hit reg needs to be cleaned and eliminated as a problem, it's so frustrating.

I am very sure and I checked the video frame by frame. It is 99,99% likely that this was me considering the sync of the animation of the recoil, the blood and the sound. This is also just one example. I have situations like this 1-2 times in pretty much each match and I am not alone with this.

@MeFirst We all experience hit reg issues every match, no one is alone lol.

This is one of the biggest issues. There's no point in working on any of the sub-features of the gunplay like the Balistics system when you don't even have proper hit registration in the first place.

It's easy when you have to work with excellent engine as Source engine. But when you got to do everything by yourself with UE4 - well then the chaff is separated from the wheat.

Did some testing yesterday and noticed that in Single player/local play against bots, Hit-reg was drastically better, Requiring 3 shoots on average to kill and was also very reliable an consistent. Online Co-op/PVP on the other hand was the complete opposite, 5/6 shots sometimes more to kill. Definitely need to make that #1 priority i feel. Seems like the more players in the server compounds this problem also, Whether its a de-sync issue or just tick-rate related problem, It needs to be addressed ASAP.

@fattmedic hitreg with bots. Are you for real?

@genoharadan said in The netcode/hit reg needs to get fixed:

@fattmedic hitreg with bots. Are you for real?

Hireg is hitreg. There are simply different things that can influence it on sp or mp. If those issues are exclusively happening in mp it means that it is most likely related to the field that is generally called netcode.

@mefirst Happens reguardless if your playin online Co-Op or PVP, What im saying is that in single player I.E. local play, You can see that hit-reg works fine.... So obviously its a network related issue. Do some testing yourself and see. i was more than happy with the hit-reg in single player.

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@fattmedic So obviously its a network related issue.

You don't say... Hitreg network related. The more you know.

@genoharadan If your being sarcastic, your an idiot.

@fattmedic said in The netcode/hit reg needs to get fixed:

@genoharadan If your being sarcastic, your an idiot.

Yes I'm an idiot testing hitreg with bots. Oh wait.

@genoharadan Hit-reg and net code are 2 different things idiot, Clearly if playing solo and seeing that all shoots are landing consistently, reliably and on target that this isn't a hit-reg problem, "Hit-reg" is where you aim at someones head or other body part and the bullet goes through but doesn't connect. This test means that the problem lies only with net-code! Stop being stupid and do something constructive or go troll someone with lesser intelligence than yourself.

@fattmedic So like, this is a net-code problem? Like having a shite connection problem? Because I usually get around 30-60ms on East US and still somehow my bullets aint doing shite

@lucjocwhite Sadly you could have a 1ms ping and you would see the same thing, Reading the change log posted by the devs, You can see alot of items were and are still using up alot of ticks. Just for reference a tick is basically the total amount of inputs the servers can read per second. With only having a 60tick I.E. 60hz servers, That means that only 60 items/inputs will be updated in that second. So basically because alot of items are taking up ticks every second by themselves, There is only a limited remainder that is allocated to players movement and weapons ballistics. At the moment what is happening is that its out capping the limit of ticks the server can handle per second. "Think of it this way" If all 32 players in push shoot at the same time at an average of 600rpm, That's roughly 320 shots fired every second that the server will have to update. This is why alot of shots are going un-checked by the server only capable of dealing with 60. Have faith tho, NWI know what the are doing its just gonna take awhile to resolve.

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