When playing solo and you die, you have a few respawn waves to try again. I think this is a very good choice and the challenge is well balanced for most kinds of objectives for an experienced insurgency player (noobs will likely need an easier option to warm up to it and work their way up). But for "defend" objectives, when you die on the spot (your AI teammate usually long gone before you), you respawn with a delay and so far away from the point, that it is impossible to get back there in time. You lose the round no matter how many respawn waves you still have. I think it would be more fun for solo play if there was a real chance to take the objective back. Meaning much longer timer for the enemy to recapture their point (or no timer at all / not lose the round immediately when they do?) and spawning you closer to the objective, so that you have a chance to get there, throw a nade inside, peak a window or two, and then enter to retake the point. If that time-window is too short and you have to rush in mindlessly with a high chance of dying anyway, you create the kind of frustration that discourages people from playing objectives in pvp.