Heavy Armour movement too fast & TKK

Just weighing in on this
Personally i think heavy armour should have more of a speed penalty after all it is supposed to be heavy.
Also i think the TKK should be in between Source & Sandstorm levels
And maybe supply points should be lowered slightly so you have to make more of a tactical choice
Finally can we please have increased FOV options
Apart from all that & with the recent performance bumps Sandstorm is shaping up very nicely

Yes the overall movement speed on the game seems too fast, anyone can strafe and zigzag out of fire without a problem. If you get caught out in the open you should be punished for it. A game that has the player movement made really well is Rising Storm 2 made on the same engine. on RS2 your character has momentum and you cant just change direction magically as if inertia doesn't exist.


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@tango1 exactly. you can easily go back to the cover you were if you start to get shot. you are rarely punished for running in the open

Imho being able to get back to cover if caught out in the open isn't a problem of speed, it is a problem caused by needing more than 1 hit to kill. If you nerf movement speed that discourages moving to other positions period, including moving to objectives. You don't want to discourage movement by making it a high risk, low reward maneuver that exposes you to sniper fire for long - people will just endlessly camp and not play objectives. Fast movement is good, the problem is that a good marksman covering that road can't take you down with 1 hit. Having someone cover an open area or use smoke to advance under cover should mean something, messing with movement speed is the wrong way to fix this imho.
Also MG suppressive fire would be a lot more scary if you knew you can't tank a bullet from that and just walk it off.