64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

Well, I think 64 Bit would be great!

Here here. This person knows their stuff. We would all love 64-bit but its very unlikely to happen in the short-term.

I agree, please make MudRunner 64 bit.

Come on Devs we believe in you guys, lets make Musrunner the best game we can!

Less then 1 month up and it already has quite a bit of support behind it to go to x64.
Not sure why the devs didn't go ahead and develop it in x64. Would have made things a lot easier knowing most of us are just going to play it with mods.

ALL HAIL 64 BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree, please 64 bit.

we do need this game updated to 64 bit it crashes too much having a 64 bit machine i thought it was bc i have 4 gigs of server style ddr4 no its direct x 12 also a pentium 7th gen Lga 1151 motherboard 500w power supply and a msi rx550 i think its the graphics card being a amd card i guess the game is optimized for nvida cards???

I have a very high end PC and it still crashes. The game is just not optimized all that well at all.

bumping this thread to keep it going.

This is still a thing... 🙂

@bluebirde Although interesting, it's pretty irrelevant. No more new graphics card driver's for 32-bit OS's won't prevent you from playing the game on a 32-bit OS(or prevent you from playing 32-bit games on any OS). It just means you won't be able to install the latest drivers to play it with. Which probably wouldn't have much(or any) affect on how well, or not well, your card performs playing the game anyway. Optimizations for a DX9 game are not likely going to happen anymore. So any performance changes while using them would be unintentional, and likely very minor. And sometimes they're detrimental anyway. The latest drivers don't always perform better than older drivers(universally at least).

Side note: Equally interesting and irrelevant, https://www.techpowerup.com/243163/nvidia-waves-goodbye-to-their-fermi-graphics-cards

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@mudhappy yeah i known it dosnt impact us directly but IMO it show witch way computers are heading, away from 32bit😁

How about multiplayer mud deformation sync.