64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

yes please update to 64bit! that would be awesome

Yes, please include this, and PLEASE include multiple wheel sets as a standard part of the game. Modders are keeping this game alive, please stop making it hard for them to mod around your unusual game design choices, give us what we want and the community will stick with you, and purchase DLC in the future. The offroading/trailriding community isn't the least bit interested in ideas of why there should not be multiple wheelsets:

"Q1. Will there be more options to tune each set of wheels in a vehicle better?
A1. No, and that is one of the reasons why "change vehicle wheels" feature was removed in MudRunner. There is no real scenario in the current state of the game where you would need to change vehicle wheels during the game session. So if you want to have multiple sets of wheels, you should use "inheritance" XML feature (will be documented better with release of MudRunner), it makes it easy to customize any parameters you want for your spare set of wheels (a different vehicle)."

There is no reason or logic behind that. We just want our trucks to have options and look nice while driving.

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@hazzard Nice Find Man.

Of course the 64-bit upgrade by a mile is the most important thing the game needs it ASAP! a couple other off topic little things id like to see either in a mod or update is the ability to turn the damage on or OFF! and also the camera zoom in and out further like we had on spintires plus.

absoutly. these are some of the things that i enjoyed about the original spintires

@smaronenine 1+ on the view. If your playing MP with friends the stock view doesn't pan out nearly enough for you to see what they're doing. The way I like to play is I clear a section of trail and then watch my friend come through it while I spot them.

If you happen to nose dive, then the view is still trying to to give you perspective from behind the truck and all you can see is the ground and it's the most annoying thing ever. This also happens a lot when you're in steep valleys or surrounded by rock. The other thing I love about the extended view is the screenshots you can take.

I just want to be able to have the option to be able to scroll out further than the stock view exactly like Spintires+ had. I realize that this could break the game for single player giving them the ability to see too much. If it was up to me I'd just make it a option in the dev tools as it would keep all those kinda cheats in one place.

I too would greatly appreciate a 64bit version of this game. Can't wait for it to be honest 🙂

This game needs to be running on a 64 Bit system if it has any chance of sustaining mods, or if it wants to last a long time as a Good reliable game!!! Which currently it's not..

Please upgrade Mudrunner to 64bit, with out a 64bit upgrade this game will not go far at all.

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Vote +1 .... 64bit needed

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+1 for this game needs to be made 64bit

@iyagovos not having mods on console.
I have a gaming laptop but I like gaming on my Xbox One X better.
I will enjoy my mods on my PC but literally just driving around logging got boring EXTREMELY QUICK. Sucks y'all are killing off the console version.

Hey, can someone give me a link to a trusted (no virus or other cheating) site with an unofficial 64 bit patch?

so here we have ALL these requests for 64 bit and the DEVS say nothing back to us ????

@bigboyzback Ahem...

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Hi all!

I've passed this on to the dev team and emphasised that it's something the community would really like us to implement. I can't promise anything, but we're aware of how badly you all want this.


thanx @Sodoma ..Im glad you were listening..

Oh Yeah, this game definitely needs a 64bit update. Please devs, make it happen and I will love this game even more!

Since this thread has been revived, I will also raise my hand in support of 64 bit!!