64BIT.EXE- More Memory!!!!

you have made mudrunner the game / sim ... that could be a great game if you would make this game in 64 bit

64 bit would really keep this game alive.

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Please make this game 64bit. It would make an already great game even greater! Please devs update it to 64bit! 🙂

Very Much Needs To Be Updated To 64bit ASAP!

I agree raising the bar to 64 bit would give the game more room to grow for sure..you have my support !!! besides I am not sure why they made it 32 bit in the first place everyone that plays games on their PC's are 64 bit systems anyways...

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64bit is what this game has always needed. Support the people who support the game and give us 64 bit.

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Please make it 64 bit, it would be so much better.

yeah all we need is 64 bit update😠

I am 100% behind this. As a former XBOX Indie game tester and a tester for PC as well. I can say with certainty that this game will benefit from taking advantage of 64bit. Something tho that everyone needs to be aware of is that this is an uphill battle. I have been through a game migrating 32<64bit. It requires pretty much a recode of the entire game.

Which for this game would do it wonders as with more properly motivated and skilled coders working on the dev team they can flush out errors and miss code. While simultaneously able to add conveniences/features that many would love to see added.

However just like rebuilding the lower end of your motor... This becomes a huge chore no one wants to do. But if they did they could justify about anything as a "while you are in there" sort of situation. It sucks that the original makers of this game didn't think about this well ahead of time. Especially since 64bit is king. Just got to keep pushing this one till they budge. My bet is that they were already looking at migration when they got their hands on the game. They could make so much more money on the game and do so much more with it if they were.

Yes for 64BIT.EXE
We need the headlight sync

64 bit please this game needs it.

Yes this game absolutely needs to be 64 bit, opens up a lot more potential.

Game is great but with 64 bit it's gonna be awesome!!!!
Please give us 64 bit!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, This game would be even better with 64 bit!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Julian Johan. I'm representing Indonesia, one of a country which has the biggest player since Spintires.
I'm considering myself one of the oldest Spintires player in Indonesia. And since then I'm taking Spintires & Mud Runner game into a whole new level. Together with my community called SPINTERUS, we spread the influence in Indonesia, where mass audience starts to recognize and play. Here in my country, it is often for Spintires or Mud Runner to be feature in a magazine, TV program, or even in an exhibition. Offroad Expo for example where we bring the game into the stall.

Why we love this game so much? Yes everybody knows. No need to tell further.
But why we keep on loving this game after so many years? The community.
The guy like SPUN, NIX, and all of their friends are some of the reason we are keep enjoying the game.
They're even give an influence to some of my bestfriend to participate as well in modding like Bregel Garage.

So, if all the guys who work for this awesome game really wants to make this game even better and long lasting.
Please do listen to the community. It is the number 1 power you have to keep Spintires Mud Runner live.
We need this game to be operate on 64 bit exe.
Thanks a lot before to keep our dream alive.

Best Regards,

Julian Johan
Founder of SPINTERUS

Please we need a 64 bit game

Yes, we need a 64 bit update. I hate it when my mods turn white.....

I fully support the implementation of 64 bit!