Controller mouse problem

I use an Xbox controller to play the game. It works mostly fine but the problem is that when I go into map, crane or advanced mode, when I press the D pad to move through the menus, it always moves back like if I had the mouse hovered over the options. I have my mouse perfectly still, but this keeps happening. I didnt have this problem months ago when I used to play, and I dont know if its my computer or the game.

This post is deleted!

My friend has the same problem. It seems to get worse after he had opened the Steam Overlay.
And I have heard from others with the same problem.

It didn't happen for me recently, but I also had this problem before one of the last updates.

Maybe someone should ask the Developers, if they are aware that this is still an issue.

I finally solved this... It was that i have enabled click locn in the mouse options in windows 10...