optmization issues

hi im using amd A8 processor
R5 330 2.60ghz videocard
4gb ram
iam encountering several issues in game like it crashes or infinite/slow loading whenever i start a game weather local play or online sometimes doesnt connects to server properly i tried lower all settings but problem persists please help on this issues thanks

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May be hardware related. Your computer is awefully weak. Way below what would normally be required to even run the game.

im sorry to be blunt but your computer is garbo

Hey Man AAA titles like witcher Assasins creed n wildlands run smoothly on my PC at med specs so I bought this game that it mybe playable but I'm facing problems with this game so far it's really unplayable slow loading is a shit I also really think that this game will not support on my system being insurgency fan I bought this game my bad maybe I should return this game to steam and stick with old insurgency

As other people have said...time for an upgrade.

If you're using a normal HDD like I am, expect a fair amount of stuttering since Unreal Engine 4 loves to constantly read off the hard disk and the game will freeze while it loads textures and models.

Your problem is hardware related, theres no way the games you mentioned run "smoothly"