Lets talk Bolt action rifles and damage models

So, after trying the mosin or M24 for a while now I came to the point where I realized that it is compleatly stupid to use a bolt action rifle, because the don't even one hit sometimes, I have several clips of me hitting someone in the chest but it probaby chounted as an arm shot and didn't kill him.

After like 2 hours of Sandstorm I went back to the old Insurgency, however with AP ammo its always a one hit unless you hit the leg or hand, but since you guys said in a update that the bolt action snipers now have AP ammo by default, this was weird to me, if someone has the best armor they still should not be able to survive a sniper chestshot.

I think the damage models should be overworked quite a bit.
In the old Insurgency you can kill someone in 1-2 hits and you can get killed in 1-2 hits and this is the fun part about the game.

it very much depends on where your bullets land on the enemy body man.
there was huge amount of cases where i killed people with 1 hit but as you mentioned there were also some non lethal hits with my m24. i don't know exactly how the damage model is calculated but i feel the same that bolt action sniper rifles is not easy to use in PvP and you should be rewarded with 1 shot kill if you land the shot on the target.

one good thing i want to mention compared to Beta 1 is that now bolt action sniping feels way better and more smooth.

In Beta 1 it was really hard to hit people with single bullet because every body was running with sonic speed around the map.

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SVD 1 shots. M24 doesn't one shot against heavy armor I think, hence I mostly aim for the head with that.

@benz said in Lets talk Bolt action rifles and damage models:

SVD 1 shots. M24 doesn't one shot against heavy armor I think, hence I mostly aim for the head with that.

If that's the case, from a game design perspective it should be the other way around, the slower gun should do more damage.

I agree a bolt action sniper rifle should be a 1 shot kill, even against armor, but assault rifles and everything else needs to be buffed as well. Or else you end up with something like in the game Ironsight, where sniper rifles are the only 1-shot-kill weapons and you need 3 headshots or 4+ body hits with assault rifles to take someone down. Against snipers, as long as they are quick enough they can always turn around and 1-shot you. At distance if you have a sniper rifle and the other one doesn't, you know you can take your time to aim because the other player isn't able to deal damage fast enough before you 1-shot him. That game (Ironsight) is completely broken. I will be very happy to ditch it, now that Sandstorm is playable again. But Sandstorm urgently needs a damage buff, and not only to 1 class of guns (sniper rifles), it needs to happen accross the board.