Laser beams in smoke

Currently a laser is invisible in smoke, but should be the opposite. I would like the laser to have a bright glowing beam in the smoke, (as it should) potentially giving away your position if you don't switch the laser off. It's the little things.

I find the laser pretty much pointless already, and this would only make it worse. Can't quite understand this from a gamedesign consideration. Hipfire is waaaaay easier than in the previous game already, I don't see what you need a laser pointer for, except giving away your presence to others. In fact, trying to distract them might be the thing I'd be most inclined to do with one.

the laser helps a lot actually, if you dont want to spend a drastic amount on scopes, throw the lazer on and you can spot where you need to be aiming if you need to go ADS to engage, plus as a gunner, it helps keep you on point when you begin to spray, and again, if you're not using a scope it helps with your bipod so you dont even have to ADS if you dont want to. It's situational and preference.