Dedicated servers

Will dedicated servers be available at the beginning?
Our clan has Insurgency and DOI servers, which we also want to have in Sandstorm.

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Im pretty certain that Dedicated server will be here from the start....

As Mikee said they are not gonna 'f' us guys...

I wouldn't get your hopes up for Dedicated servers. The servers aren't quite there... yet... people like myself are literally getting 800+ ping, literally unplayable. Servers are unstable with lag and rubber banding.

I can now see why they wanted the NDA on this.

@azgoodaz its an alpha they're testing the game not the servers, that's what a beta is for. this is more of a game play mechanics test and level design. Hence the bug reports specifying them particular aspects.

@trufflepoker I think you were meaning, "It closed Alpha". No playtesting on home console... At least not yet.