Free Roam while Dead
      Generally when you die you're restricted to viewing only the players on your team, altho I thought it would be interesting if when you died you had the option to Free Roam around as if your spectating with noclip. Ive had this happen to me a couple times but it generally only happens when, while dead, I spectate a non-living object, like my dead body, where it just lets me fly around with a quick "space". Whenever it happens it always makes it feel more interesting to see players roaming about, running and peaking walls and viewing individual fights and where each player stands in it. 
       Obviously this does make it easy to cheat as you can literally see where everyone is then relay the information to a teammate or 20, but I'd be willing to take the hit for a Cinematic mode. It could be disabled in Comp, if there ever is one, and enabled every where else.

I'd like to see this added to coop tbh