Small rant about flip-up sights

When I first tried out the alpha, I thought this was a really neat idea. Offer an alternative to stock iron sights that doesn't cost any supply. Even if your chosen weapon has crummy irons, you can throw on flip-up sights to get a better sight picture (Though still not as clear as a 1x optic) while still saving that precious supply point. Which is why I'm kind of confused about the decision to raise the supply cost to 1.

Doesn't this kind of make flip-up sights irrelevant, when you can have a 1x optic like the holographic for the same cost?

As a side note, would it be possible to make the ring on the MP7's flip-up sights a little thinner? Right now, it offers a very cramped sight picture and doesn't make for a very good alternative to stock irons.

I'm pretty sure a cost was applied to avoid making it the defacto "Ironsights, but better" mandatory attachment.

While it's certainly an improvement over the AR Carry Handles and MP7 default irons, it isn't perfect. I find myself not using them very often, but they do have merit in really tight CQB.

Additionally, the Holo and Aimpoint have a large sight housing mounted smack dab in the middle of your weapon (not really an issue with Kobra or OKP), while flip-ups don't. It offers a marginal extra amount of peripheral visibility over the optics.

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kobra is superior, ironsights are only good if using the laser sight and surpressor imo.
i think the points system needs rebalancing still, and irons should be a 0 cost item tbh.


Personally, I prefer Kobra over Holo and Aimpoint. It's got a low profile, and the T-sight is pretty easy to use.

That being said, I'll take the OKP on AKs over the Kobra any day. While I love that they added a new side mount instead of the railed dust cover for Kobra, I still prefer the slightly offset OKP since it's lower and the mount doesn't take up as much visual real estate.

Why use anything but the stock iron sights? There is no advantage to using anything else.

In fact, all the other optics besides the kobra and OKP give you a disadvantage because they're so big and bulky. Optics in video games do not give you the real life benefits, so iron sights are almost always better.

MP7 already has great irons, the flip up sights are actually worse.

I like the flip-ups on the MP7 personally, you lose some field of vision around the target but gain a crisper point of impact. That said, they're still pretty comparable with the stock sights. The M4/M16 flip ups are much more comparable in value to holosights than the original irons though. Less obstruction to field of view than a holo sight but not as crisp a point of impact as a holo. While there's definitely a case either way for the MP7, it makes no sense to use the M4 without flipups if they're free.