EAC Kick not fixed

The EAC kick haven't been fixed with the hotfix, before you were getting kicked when you join a server or after 20 seconds or sow, now it kicks you after a couple minutes of playing the game.

The hotfix only fixes time-outs on loading screen due to slow loading on some hardware, your issue is indicative of intermittent network connection (packet loss, security software blocking connection, etc.).

No direspect @Arc but what you are telling me is that you guys have no idea what is going on with the anticheat and you don't know how to address this issue.

My firewall is off, directly connected to my router, 80mb/s download 10mb/s upload, no issues with any game but this one. I can play any other game running UE4 and EAC just fine on med to high settings, high FPS and low ping. I know this game is still on beta but to be honest with you it looks more like an alpha and it seems for me that is far away for being done for release day.

My suggestion would be don't close this beta just keep adding hotfixes so players can keep reporting their issues daily then you guys can be aware on what is going on an come with a hotfix maybe every couple days.

I love source Insurgency and that's why i put almost 700 hours playing it in a short period of time. This whole thing reminds me to America's Army which i played for 10 years until they switched to UE4 and broke the game. I downloaded AA:PG the other day and there are pretty much no servers and players around anymore. I just hope this game is not going to go the same path as AA did.

The only known issue with EAC currently is that it will not load when your game crashes and you restart it through the UE4 Crash reporter tool. Is this perhaps happening to you ?

@arc Not my case 😞 even without a crash a get an EAC Kick in the middle of the game. Maybe this is an issue not on your side but on EAC side.

Punkbuster is old but it works, you guys should of think of that before all this new fancy AC systems.

I have had this problem off and on for this second beta round. The first one I think I encountered this once.

If I start INS from steam, I often encounter getting kicked by anticheat. This is typically resolved by going to the INS steamapps folder and starting insurgencyeac.exe manually. When I do that, I usually don't have any issues with EAC, but this is not always a fix.

Additionally, the load times that are discussed here are not the issue that I've encountered with EAC. I happen to sit next to someone with almost identical hardware, except the hard drive in one machine is a platter drive versus solid state. Each system experiences this EAC issue.

Something else experienced with getting kicked due to the false-positive is that I am only kicked once I spawn.
There are times I will join a co-op match, be able to select my gear, but have to spectate for a short time between objectives; as soon as I spawn, I will be kicked either immediately, or after a few minutes of play as described by @facknrite.

In general starting up the game requires me to either go through several crashes, or several EAC-kicks before being able to play through any matches.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the person that I sit next to transferred their installation to an SSD. This was done because loading from the platter drive was too slow, allowing someone else to take the player slot in a co-op game; Because of this, they would not be able to spawn, or even select a team. Instead the user is forced to spectate and is unable to select a team (for the given team available in co-op).

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I am having and Issue with the game crashing and says the Unreal Engine has crashed as well as being timed out during a game this has happen about 4 times already just recently but before then was working fine.

This is what I am getting now every game

I've been having this trouble for the first time since an hour, and I also had the Unreal Engine has crashed as well as @CRYOG3N1C said. This never happened to me in Beta 1 or since release of beta 2. This started like I said, an hour ago.