Stuck as a spectator upon connecting to a server

Okay, so, the connection bug is now fixed, sweet, I can get into online games...But i'm stuck as a spectator. I tried both coop, and PvP. Both go a touch differently but results stay the same.
In co-op I end up stuck on the map screen, with both teams greyed out and me stuck as spectator, my spot on the squad taken, I can't spawn, can't do anything besides switch to the menu and leave.
In PvP I go to the map screen, the team buttons are not greyed out but clicking them does nothing, and even if the other team is missing 5 people it does not matter, it bugs out, and I can't join any of the teams, and I am again stuck as spectator on joining the game.

Came here for this. The optimization finally gets fixed for me and then I cant join any games either because of server timeouts or getting stuck as a spectator. God damnit lol.

For sake of clarity, and notes that comp connection works slightly differently, I decided to try comp and see if I can maybe join any of the teams.
Results are not surprising but no, I cannot join, same issue, stuck as spectator, both team buttons can be selected, clicked, but do nothing. Had to leave the match because otherwise they'd be stuck at 8 out of 10 players waiting.

yep im stuck to 7 games in a row all spectating without any way of changing to side this is in co-op.

Every damn time since the hotfix. I can't play this game until they fix this mess. It's frustrating as hell and ruined the experience 😞

yeah the fix changed nothing for me. joined 6 servers (or tried at least) and only able to play on one of these. the rest im stuck in the observer as well.

Still can't get into any games as anything other than spectator. Tried everything I could at this point.

This very issue made this game much more unplayable than the first Beta or even the CTA. NWI please fix this immediately so we all can play the game flawlessly.

same im fucking done with this bs ill come back when the game is playable. sometimes it crashes other times i get stuck in this bs, never played in a multiplayer match yet this beta GGWP 16 days remaining till full release.

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