Eternal Spectator

As of the hotfix, every match I enter puts me in spectator mode with no option to join a team. When I hit the class or loadout keys I am taken to the class menu that displays the team buttons but clicking on insurgent or security does nothing, the only way out of the menu is by selecting spectator again. Will this be fixed or am I trapped in ghost simulator forevermore?

Welcome to alpha!...i mean beta...ish 😃 There's many of us with the same problem. I even run CTA much better than what the game is now.

yea got this problem as well, yesterday i managed to at least connect to one or two servers without spectating. tried the hotfix but nothing changed?!? still stuck as spectator and cant join a team. is there at least a fix or a idea whats that problem is about?

Go to %appdata% -> Local -> Insurgency -> Delete Saved

Worked for me 😉

@shadowz I tried doing that and it didn't work.

I have the same problem

I also have this game breaking problem

join the fam. It comes up with 10 player info bars for me, like when you watch pro CSGO tournaments how it shows the two teams of 5 and their loadout and health.... I wonder if the game thinks we are in a competitive 5v5 game and only lets us spectate because it thinks it has max players, because that's what it looks like.