Cosmetic ideas

Id like to see more cosmetic options for both Security and Insurgent forces

*Goggles, I would like to see the old U.S M44 goggles

*Camouflage for insurgents, Maybe add old out-dated camouflage for the Insurgents, Or just old Gulf war era Iraqi camouflage's and maybe also give an option for Security forces to wear solid colors like Olive drab, Black, Tan ect and also make camouflage options for Security forces like solid Olive drab pants and a black blouse.

*Balaclavas and Helmets, I would really like to see Balaclavas for the Security forces again that are also wearable with helmets and goggles, I would also like to see some helmet options for insurgents maybe old Soviet steel helmets or U.S M1 pot helms.

*Prices and others, I would thin kit more sensible for old camouflage patters to be cheaper while newer patterns are more expensive like Flecktarn being more expensive than Chocolate Chip camo, Also maybe add patters like UCP and woodland DPM.

You don't want the teams to look so similar. There's already and issue with security forces having a hijab and getting TK'd for it. Imagine this times 10, not good.

On an older post, I actually suggested a few items.



  1. Skivvy T-shirt, tucked in: Comes in Sand, Tan, and OD.


  1. Pretty much the helmets with goggles pushed up on them. Probably the PASGT and FAST. I don't see Bump or Turtle getting any love.
  2. A Pakol in earth tone colors. Traditional Afghani hat.
  3. TASC style headset



  1. Kameez in solid colors. Same as button-up shirts. Think of a Kameez as a combo between a button-up shirt at the collar, and a long tunic. It's common in India and the Middle East.
  2. Military Jumper: comes in Black, Blue, Gray. Think of those sweaters with shoulder and elbow padding.


  1. Salwar: The other half of the Kameez. Baggy pants in the same colors.


  1. Shemagh w/ knot tied on side.
  2. Shemagh worn as neck bandana, exposing top of head. (Looks like INS2 Insurgent VIP)