I have over 500 hours in the original Insurgency and have been a firearms instructor for several decades and personally fired every weapon in the beta.

First off the sound work is absolutely fantastic! The guns are modeled well and I like that they seem to have a very punchy feeling to them, also the Ragdoll and Gibs system is great. New explosions are nice etc.

The problem I am having is frankly the difference in feel between the original and this game. In the original INS the weapons felt like a scalpel a well placed shot would end a foe in short order. This had a nice skill ceiling as if you took the time to place Center Mass or Headshots you could almost win Coop just by yourself. In this beta there seems to be major problems with hit registration. From a crouched position with the G3 while holding shift it took me 5 shots to hit a guy less then 50M away... This is pathetic. G3 is easily a 2 MOA rifle which means at 50M all my shots at worst should be within one inch. Sorry most guys that have been around firearms can make a 50M shot with a handgun let alone a G3 with optics...

The SKS seems properly accurate but the damage from the x39 is pathetic I shot one guy 7 times and he was still going?

For me the damage seems greatly reduced in this game? It took me 5 chest shots to kill one guy I am unsure if the Coop enemies have armor seems they do? Most are taking 3-4. The old game seemed like 1-2 shots and target was out of the fight. The AKM, AK, G3 both seem extremely low damage 762x39 or 762x51 and are both very lethal rounds. Someone taking 4 of these to the chest should not be in the fight still. More testing I have done today the AK even on SEMI AUTO is hilariously inaccurate at 100M... I guess if the devs are modeling guns with shot out barrels and ammunition made in a cave this is accurate...

If enemies are modeled with Armor then it makes more sense. That being said it is frustrating as it seems you do better with leg pelvis shots or head shots where the plates have no coverage. If this is the goal the guns need to be made more accurate as at this point headshots or well placed pelvis shots are impossible with the hit registry. By the time you fire enough to get a hit they kill you due to the guns being very inaccurate.

For me part of a tactical shooter is that well placed shots end the foe in short order. RIght now this game feels like a semi more realistic COD where your moving crazy fast and spraying and praying hoping to get a good hit.

I cant tell if the guns need more damage or there are major problems with the hit registry in the game?

Thanks for your time.