Co-Op needs 10 second spawn protection

Just today alone-

spawned just to be immediately killed by a10 warthog strafe.

Spawned just to be shot in the back of the head by an npc looking into the spawn.

Spawned just in time to hear the beep of a suicide bomber who detonated himself inside the spawn, killing everyone who had just came back. 7 people instantly killed, 4 left the server, basically killing the game for us.

Spawned, stepped outside the door and wad immediately shot by the 5 npcs standing outside of it.

Spawned and I as well as 3 other people were almost instantly gunned down by a black hawk chain gun firing through the window.

This is ruining the fun of multiplayer. The solution is simple- 10 seconds of invulerability. This allows us a moment to get our barings, move out of danger and secure our spawn. We're not fighting other humans so "fairness" isn't an issue. This change will only improve the quality of life for Co-Op.

I agree, I play PVP only though and spawn killing is still a problem. With 10 seconds you could hide from an Apache gunship, you could kill the spawn camper, and the spawn would be much safer.