Many of them were already pointed out multiple times but I share it anyway.

  1. I know that devs want to increase importance of armor. But now armor is certainly overpowered. Most of the bulletproof vests (with armor plates) are not hard enough to stop bullets like 308, or 7.62x54R. They must be 100% deadly. Weaker bullets however should not just bounce off. They must have impact according to their energy. And armor plates should have a certain amount of durability. Soft armor should only stop shrapnel, pistol bullets and shotgun pellets.

  2. Red hit indicators should not be in this game at all. It's impossible to simply feel the direction of fire with your body. For me short darkening of the screen would be the best solution.

  3. Insurgents are fancy hipsters. Really, their clothes are not only too bright but also too clean. They should at least be a little dusty. War is always dusty. And only time when it isn't dusty is when it's rainy or snowy. And why are their clothes so... civic?

  4. Sprinting is still too fast. And I sprinted in heavy armor.

  5. Helmets should not be a cosmetic item. They should only be a part of heavy armor and provide protection from low-energetic projectiles.