Holographic sight too bright.

It disrupts the sight picture way too much at longer ranges to be remotely useful. Should make it thinner as well. Thanks

It seems to be a bit too hazy and washed out looking too. The reticle does not look clear

Yeh this a joke. I cant use it at all, which is a shame because it's usually my favorite. Pic

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The real EoTech reticle is actually slightly blurry looking, not a crisp line like a lot of games show it. This is actually one of the most realistic EoTech representations I've seen in a game.

It might be a bit too far though, and it is often too bright - but I imagine it's tough to set the brightness on something like that in a game to work across a range of brightness where in real life you'd adjust the sight.

I dont doubt that they are blurry, But they are too bright to be functional atm.

funny enough, the laser pointer and red dot is not bright enough. they usually wash out in the enviroment