Machinegunners deserve love too!

I have mentioned it in several instances, but the more I play and the more I see the slots for machinegunner remain tragically open...

The culprit is easy to pinpoint : this is the only class in the game that receives only one weapon to choose from! Though I agree that the rifle attributed to each Security and Insurgent sides fit the role perfectly, other options would definitely attract more players to it and make the class more fun.

In an ideal world, this is how I would like to see the class equipped :

  • Security : SAW chambered in 5.56 (cheapest option) / M60 and M240 in 7.62 (with the M60 being one supply cheaper than M240)
  • Insurgent : GALIL chambered in 5.56 (cheapest)/ RPK and PKM in 7.62 (same pattern)

Though I don't know how easy or feasible it is to port assets from Source to UE4, at least NWI would already have some assets for GALIL, RPK and M60 (Born to Kill mod) and only the M240 would start from scratch.

If you think this would be a good idea, please upvote so we can hope to have something more exciting for release than a one-armed gunner!

Yaas queen! 100% I'd love to see an M240 in the game. Gunner needs much more love, like bipodded minigun love lol bippoded MG42 love. Oh how I love me some 35 Angry Bots servers