Feedback following recent hotfix - Pinpointing performance issues

Definitely thumbs up to this latest hotfix! I could really notice a difference and was able to bump all settings to Very High on my laptop (GTX 980m and I7 4910HQ)!
It even came to the point where I noticed screen tearing!!!!

I am now trying to notice times where frames still seem to drop. For me, it's mostly in open areas with a lot of backdrop (in Crossing when you get on top of the first Insurgent building overlooking a smaller village). Depth of field seems to impact my framerate, along with sun rays (same on Crossing, when you start as an Insurgent and the sun is peaking behind the fence).

I don't know if this is helpful or if other people have experienced the same thing, but I'll try to refine my feedback as I keep on playing.

I would also mention one more point regarding smoke and fire effects. As of right now, they feel very unnatural and "patchy". Smoke almost looks like several sprites put together to give it a 3D feel, while fire just looks like randomly put patches of waving sprites. I dont't know if these are placeholders, but in my opinion they need some rework as they break the realistic vibe of the game.

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Yeah i think the last hotfix, although not supposed to be a performance fix, did improve performance quite a bit
feeling a lot more like the game i was expecting now.