Better Customization Please?

Can we have a customization option for our rails on our rifles? Like allow us to mount our optics farther forward on the rail? Like ahead of the magwell? You could implement a sliding system like Customizable Weaponry 2.0 on Garrys Mod where it allowed you to place your optics in any position on the rail on your rifle. As a Gun nut can we gun lovers please have this option? Id also love to mount my laser box on the top rail and have my eotech ahead of the magwell and pretend im a Navy Seal Operator like in this picture (


I also would love this and have always craved for a game to do this! Hopefully we can make sexy looking mk18's

that will be a cool concept to add to the game

this should be in the game already! i want this.

This would be kinda cool but I don't really see the point in moving an optic forwards or backwards, other than for looks, and in all reality I doubt you'll be all that focused on the gun while in combat anyways. For optimizations they'll probably leave it out as well because they would have to create models for the attachments on every different t mark and with things like flashlights and lasers on every t mark on every side of the handguard.

This would be an amazing feature for NWI to implement, an indepth gun customisation would frankly be amazing.