We are releasing a hotfix today to address various feedback and issues. We are aware of frame rate fluctuation problems people are having and some of today’s changes are to help alleviate this. Smoothing the game experience is a high priority for us leading up to release and post-release.

If you are having issues with running the game smoothly, we recommend trying some or all of the following options in the Settings menu:

  • Set the game to Fullscreen under Video/Display.
  • Set Scope Quality to Low under Video/Advanced.
  • Set Frame Smoothing to on under Video/Advanced.
  • Set Frame Limiter under Video/Advanced to a frame rate just below your average FPS to ensure more consistent and reliable frame times.
  • Optimization & Performance
  • Fixed an issue where the game was not launching in Fullscreen, even if the Fullscreen option was selected in the Settings menu. This would result in players unknowingly playing in borderless windowed mode, which limits FPS to the monitor’s refresh rate.
  • Added framerate smoothing option in the Settings menu.
  • Added framerate limiting option in the Settings menu.
  • Added LODs to vehicle fire particles and further optimized the emitters.


  • Increased Easy Anti-Cheat and initial connection timeouts to 150 seconds to assist with connection to matchmaking servers.
  • Fixed Class Selection menu occasionally not showing any classes to choose from.
  • Fixed an issue where awarded cosmetic items were showing as locked until the game was restarted.
  • Fixed an issue with Smoke Artillery not blocking visibility for bots in Checkpoint.
  • Fixed destructible objectives crediting players with assist damage when they didn’t destroy them.
  • Fixed an issue with Supply Crates which stopped their UI element from showing reliably.
  • Fixed third person animation poses for grenades, pistols and items.
    Fixed an issue where changing weapons while using a bipod would cause the third-person animation to break.
  • Fixed an issue where moving away from a deployed surface with the bipod would temporarily break third person animations.
  • Fixed foregrip hand poses for the third person AKM and MP7.
  • Fixed an issue with third person grenade launcher animation poses.
  • Fixed an issue with the SVD with bipod breaking third person animations in the Loadout room.
  • Fixed an issue where resupplying with a foregrip would break third-person animations.
  • Fixed characters T-posing when killed inside an exploding vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lessons menu where clicking outside of the video would unload it.
  • Fixed broken UI texture for Skirmish in the Versus match preferences menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the character would be rotated 180 degrees in the escape menu and Loadout screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Artillery would sometimes trigger its audio twice on detonation.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Anti-Aliasing video setting to list anti-aliasing options that are currently unavailable.

Gameplay Improvements

Weapon Balance

  • Decreased recoil by 20% if using a weapon’s burst fire mode.
  • Increased recoil of M16A4 and M16A2 slightly.
  • Increased horizontal recoil for drum mags slightly.
  • Increased horizontal recoil when in free aim / hipfire.

Fire Support

  • Added a cooldown to the Support Helicopter’s minigun burst time.
  • Removed player damage from Smoke Mortar and Smoke Artillery shells.


All Modes

  • Extended Magazine with 5 extra rounds now costs 1 supply.
  • Extended Magazine with 10 extra rounds now costs 2 supply.
  • Extended Magazine with 20 extra rounds now costs 3 supply.


  • Reduced the chance of counter-attacks using lethal Fire Support to create more diversity in enemy Fire Support attacks.
  • Added 2x Kobra sight for Security Coop classes.
  • Removed 1x Holographic sight from all Insurgent Coop classes.

Updated Content

  • Added vehicle death animations.
  • Added idle animations for characters in third person.
  • Added sidearm melee third person animations.
  • Improved ragdoll impulse values for ballistic ammo to allow them to react to impacts from bullets more realistically.
  • Improved the lighting of third person items and weapons.

User Interface

  • Updated Customize screen with new cameras and lighting.
  • Display Competitive rank when hovering over Competitive in the Play menu.
  • Competitive rank display will always be shown even when unranked and will default to * “Unranked” until you have completed the required number of placement matches and earned a rank.
  • Bots in Local Play’s Checkpoint are now named after their chosen class.

Map Balance & Fixes


  • Added missing actor merged mesh.
  • Scatter rocks no longer fade out on lower settings.
  • Reduced skylight intensity slightly.


  • Reworked exposure settings.
  • Reduced bloom.
  • Increased contrast.


  • Reduced skylight brightness.
  • Potential fix for Security Checkpoint A bright spot.
  • Added vehicle nav modifiers for Checkpoint.
  • Adjusted vehicle spawn number for Checkpoint.
  • Added more cover actors for bots for Checkpoint.