FPS is uncapped in the main menu - this has been known to fry graphics cards (Starcraft II) because the framerate goes into the thousands

Promptly fix this as many people won't cap their fps and it could be an issue.
Even in the hundreds, you can hear coilwhine from your computer/headphones.

There's already a frame limiter and the fact that menu fries graphics card lies solely on poor cooling solutions of said cards.

@arc That's not a solution. There's no single reason the GPU has to run at 100% usage in the menu, f.e. while waiting for a game.

@arc was this the famelimiter added in the 31st hotfix? Because I was getting fps in the hundreds in the main menu. There was no cap apart from the option of vsync and to edit the ini files.

@Slazenger yes it was added in the 31st patch