fail netcode example

watched the video in slowmotion.... you actually hit once, as in: while shots have been fired your xhair was on the enemy body once.

That's not bad hitreg, that's bad aim.

Well it's time for you to visit an optometrist and get them eyes checked out, Benz. Because either you've watched an entirely different video or you're trolling. zoomed in and slowed down for you. At least 10 hits and a headshot but they're going through him.

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Yeah bro this shit needs to be fixed asap. I play mostly coop but the same shit happens

@dangeroso this Benz dude is out of his mind. He is the only person I see going around posts criticizing TTK and saying its fine. Maybe an undercover NWI employee? xD

@dangeroso by your zoomed in video you can see it is a guy wearing heavy armor.... that definetely has contributed to this

The netcode of this game is worse than EFT 3 months ago. And it's quite an accomplishment. Better fix this.

@TulioTTR yeah he is but i'm fairly confident that only the first hit 2 hits registered and the rest of the bullets went through him, or something.. who knows but Benz for sure doesnt lol. wondering if he has any shares in the company 🤣