FOV, ADS times, scopes

FOV; please extend the slider range to 120.

Iron sight FOV; please make aiming with primaries consistent with pistols. when you aim with an lmg or rifle, there's considerably more zoom applied than aiming with a pistol. make it work like the pistol. don't have this artificial zoom effect that works like ironsights in COD. that's what the focus is for. the excessive zooming makes aiming in cqc clunky and uncomfortable.

1x optics; please remove the zoom applied to these. eotech 553 and basic sights like the kobra/etc do not have magnification in real life.

ADS times; please make these the same as INS 2 and not as snappy as they are in this beta. the game should favor those who wait vs those who rush.

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Yeah can't really agree enough with this. Seperate viewmodel FOV options or even just a console command that isn't blacklisted would be appreciated. Ins2 had to rely on mods for this in the longrun, and I was hoping that Sandstorm would take the opportunity to improve upon its predescessor in this regard.

Still no word on this New World? 😟