Same map over and over again

Every time I join a game, I get the same map.

I had the same map three times in a row.

Please fix this.

I don't want to play the same map over and over again.

Btw, the original Insurgency had 17 different maps.

Sandstorm should have more maps.

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As much as I enjoy many things about Sandstorm, I have to admit I'm getting incredibly fed up with the maps. The cost to develop these huge intricately designed levels is far higher than the maps we had in Ins2014 and as such I can understand why there are so few. What I find irredeemable is that the objectives and spawn points aren't randomly generated. There's so much map, yet most of the play is localised in tiny spaces within each, fighting in the same locations, aiming at the same alleyways. I can see why for PvP there are balance issues to be concerned with, but how is this the case for coop?

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