Can't spawn in, locked to spectator

Everytime I join a game I'm automatically locked to spectator and can't play the game. I try and choose a team, but it won't let me join and the only way to unpause the game is to spam the spectator button. When I buy a game, I expect to at least be able to play the damn game.

Registered an account just to agree with you - this happens to me about 50% of the time, it doesn't matter of there are open slots on a team, it doesn't matter the game type or map. Absolutely game breaking bug.

getting the same problem as well and honestly getting a little annoyed. it has been happening for awhile now..

This is what I get with this problem every time I join a server. Im locked into spectate and unable to switch team. Hitting "M" takes me out of this menu allowing me to play with the spectator camera and thats it.

alt text

The same problem and it happens to me 100%

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Happens to me too. Before the hotfix it happened maybe 1 in 3 games, now its all of them. 8 games in a row until i gave up

Same problem here, i could not join any game as a player for more than 2 hours.

Is it fixed for you ? It didn't seem to happen again for me today !

Love you all!

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