So I play mostly COOP and its infuriating when out of no where an instant death. For seemingly no reason. For example, I had just turned to engage a bot and they instantly turned on a dime and one shot me. While I am thankful that the GL spam has gone this has been a persistent problem since the technical alpha. One I had hoped would be fixed by now. Sure people get lucky IRL and manage those wonder shots but we should be killed by our mistakes not RNG.

I would also suggest that smoke grenades, shells and smoke air support be removed from COOP until the AI can no longer see through it. So many times A friendly has thrown a smoke and iv been instantly killed while moving through or behind it.

I would love to see a more 'hard core' COOP too. Maybe smaller teams and harder AI.

As for scopes. I have been saying this since the technical alpha. They are all wrong. The field of view is far to narrow. The 2x magnification looks like the kind of FOV that you would expect from a high powered rifle scope. Not a 2x magnifier.

Im enjoying the game but the issues with AI really need to be fixed.