Frustrated with Beta 2

I'm really disappointed with beta 2, I expected something more and I found the same as in the first phase, even worse than during the alpha.
Beyond any small improvement in optimization (which I must admit has improved slightly) I still see many things that I do not like, such as the brightness of the textures, the terrible antialiasing and of course the damage system and hitbox, which I think is one of the worst things achieved in the game.
Honestly I think it's a game that is not ready to pass the beta phase, I'll even go further saying that it should stay in alpha until it's really on track.
They are rushing it and the result is going to be catastrophic, many people (including me) expected much more and although I do not lose sight of it being an early access, I do not think it is ready for the original release date and they should even reconsider postponing the launch .
Another thing that frustrates me most is that they still do not put Latin American servers which really bothers me, especially when in the previous insurgency put a lot, which tells you that they only do it for people to buy the previous game, with The excuse to achieve discounts and the reality is that they seek to raise more, really pathetic.
I expected that to change but you see that they care little about the Latino community of players.
What they are showing us is a LOT away from what they sold us in the trailers, and I doubt they will improve what we are seeing in a few months.
I'm going to keep trying anyway but the emotion that I felt at first is no longer there and I almost do not feel like playing it.
There may be people who think I'm being rushed to draw conclusions but, c'mon, we've seen much more accomplished games even in alpha. It does not look like a game of this generation.
I hope that the developers reconsider and realize that they are doing everything in a hurry and the result is at a glance.
You can forgive me for venting like this but I'm very frustrated.
To those fo you who read this post, Thanks for taking the time to read it and in case you do not agree, just be respectful of my thoughts.

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I agree that it feels rushed, lacks polish and is certainly not ready for release. But, maybe, and it's a big maybe over time they can fix this stuff. I certainly hope so or my favorite franchise is going to be dead, or at least find a different community. I have hope though!

I have faith that they can fix it over time, but I agree that it still feels rough in many places and probably should carry the "early access" label for a while after the official release date. We need to face the reality that they can't move the release date now, they've advertised it for too long. We first need to see them find some financial success and support from the community, and then I have faith that they will keep supporting and improving the game for a long long time.

They still do it with the old Insurgency. I've played it again after a longer pause recently and saw that they blocked off one of the overpowered camping spots. They do care more and for longer than most devs do. It blew my mind they still fix things like this in the old game, while being knee deep in the new one for years already. Mad respect to them!