Small issues with animations/other small bits

Noticed a fair bit of models holding rifles above their head and arms angled in goofy ways. Occasional instance of walking through smoke giving a really odd white strobe effect when close to source of the smoke when moving. Occasional instance where menus don't recognize the game pad to navigate but will still show prompts for controller. Issue where switching to sidearm will show it with the attachments of the primary weapon (this happens fairly often).

Grenades toss also needs a way better animation. As I mentioned in another post, it feels like they are just magically propelled from the soldiers' hands with no arm motion whatsoever. I feel confident these are just placeholders for now, but I'd rather make sure to mention it!

Same for the melee animation, which is currently the same animation you got in Day of Infamy with a bayonet attachment. It needs to go back to what it was in the first build, a hit from the weapon stock.