Please listen to the community. Obviously not every person has good suggestions but the general consensus on things really seem to make sense. Please at least consider the following, and judge these points against the community consensus to have a better game reception.


  1. Please push back the release. If you dont, expect this game to hover around RO2 numbers for eternity. The game is poorly optimized, no getting around it. You need to fix this before release or you will lose players that wont return.

  2. There's a weird mouse issue. Like, moving left to right, the camera stops in the middle of the screen and has like a weird deadzone or something. It feels like stuttering but its not, and Ive never seen it before. Very weird. Absolutely a must-fix.
    EDIT: Try for yourself. Go into a game, and slowly move your mouse from left to right. You will notice a small spot where the screen doesnt follow the gun model. It happens when the cun model ends up centered on your screen, and you can move the gun around in small circles without the camera moving with it. Try it and see.

  3. Not sure what the issue is, but I use Toggle Sprint, and many times sprint will not work unless I crouch first. I do not have this issue with Hold Sprint. Being unable to run has caused many deaths for me. If its still an issue, I can always switch to HOLD but I thought I'd let you know of the issue.


  1. Consider changing the way movement feels. There should be a little bit of weighty-ness to it, and the sounds of footsteps dont match the way the weapon sways, and it feels floaty. It doesnt feel nice to move around.

  2. Consider making the weapon sounds better/louder/better weapon feel. This is a big one for me personally, as Insurgency had much better weapon feel IMO. Sniping someone felt powerful. The scopes would kick back towards the player while shooting, giving a sense of visual recoil other than vertical. The scopes looked much better in Insurgency. And there were sound mods on Insurgency as well that were amazing. I bet if you reached out to some of those modders, you wouldnt even have to do any work and theyd provide the sounds files for you.

  3. LOD is terrible. I understand this may be necessary for optimization, but playing a marksman role is awful because everything looks terrible at a medium, especially longer distance.

  4. Not at all neccessary, but wondering if some sort of minor tunnel vision would be a good effect for suppression? Right now I dont really notice any suppression effects.

Please understand this is constructive criticism, and I dont know how to program games so Im not pretending any of this will be very easy. But as you're well aware, many people think this doesnt feel like Insurgency, and they are right. It doesnt have to be a carbon copy, this game does many things right and has good improvements in many areas. But if you address the things I mentioned, you will have 1. Better sales, 2. A happier playerbase, and 3. more longevity in your player base.

Please consider moving the release date for a few months to focus on these issues. I have very high hopes for this game! Thank you.

i5 4690k OC 4.6 - Water cooled
GTX 1070
Playing on 1440p Monitor, all settings other than Textures set to LOW.