Some gameplay suggestions...

Doors should open outwards, and never inwards on the side that you're standing on. It makes no sense that you'd try to open the door towards yourself, but it stops, so you have to press F again and step back for it to open.

There should be an indicator to show who on your team is using voice chat when they're talking. I haven't seen one and this is something that was in Insurgency and DoI.

Sprinting should break out of crouching, leaning, and even prone. If you use toggle crouch like I do, or if you want to use toggle leaning, currently the behavior of breaking out into a sprint is not consistent and does not work 100% of the time. It's frustrating.

Vaulting should be a lot faster. You're already penalized for movement by lowering your weapon, but there are way too many low surfaces in some maps (specifically Hideout, near the river) where you'll want to vault but it just takes too much time.

Widen the FOV for driving in a truck and lessen the view obstruction. Maybe a separate option for driving FOV that's different from on-foot FOV, maybe also add an option to have a rearview camera if your computer can handle it. Currently it's very difficult to get a feel for driving the truck and most of the map is far too narrow for it to be useful. It also drives too fast at top speed, I think, but that's less of a problem. It just feels like the maps aren't designed for them, even if they're supposed to be semi-stationary turrets most of the time.

If there's a beta 2 survey I'll be sure to include this feedback, since I forgot to include most of this in the first survey.

Sorry man, thats not how doors work haha. There are hinges on one side that only facilitate the door moving in one way, go try and push your bedroom door both ways if you don't believe me. 🙂

2nd and 3rd points are fine, Im sure thats on their list after they put out the fire of "our game isn't running very well, fix fix fix".

Vault speed seems fine to me, you don't want people to just action enter every window, shits hard to do when youre loaded with hella gear. Perhaps a better way would be to remove some of the weird vaulting areas and replace them with ramps.

What are trucks ever for besides free points for the rpg guys haha.

@emergance The door suggestion is for gameplay purposes. I couldn't care less about whether they accurately reflect how doors work in real life, in real life I don't get stuck on a door when I open it towards myself. As it is there's little reason not to just break down every door you come across if you want it open.

Oh yeah, before I forget - there doesn't seem to be an option to delete saved loadouts, or if there is I missed it.

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