Movement of the character is feeling arcade now.

In previous Beta everything was perfect, but now character moving and shooting is more arcade, than earlier. I don't feel anymore his weight and inertia. This create unrealistic sensation from gameplay and provides situations when enemy running zigzag very fast and unrealistick, so aim at him very difficult.
I dream that everything will be as before, i very like this game before last Beta.

I actually think movement speed fits better now. It's not over the top and doesn't allow for excessive "zig-zag" and bunny jumping.
Weapon handling seems off though and makes it hard to reliably take off players at a distance. I think you misinterpreted where the problem is.

I mean, the last beta people were so fast it was impossible to kill anyone at a distance if they weren't running straight and bunny jumping was a thing. It makes it hard to believe your comment on "feeling his weight".